I know you’re tired now….

Go on and find peace wherever you’re heading for….

God is always be with us both….

I’m sorry for leaving you unattended….

I didn’t mean it….

Though I’m not asking for your forgiveness….

I know deep inside I’m already forgiven….

You’re the best!

No one could ever replace you….

I wish you more happiness right now….

No more heartaches….

No more pains….

No more catching breath….

No more headaches….

 But a WONDERFUL place in God’s hands….

Is where I want you to be….

For you, such a blessing to be a part of my world….

For me, you’re the big blessing I ever received….

May I now say THANK YOU for those times and years?

May I now hear you again saying I LOVE YOU in my dreams?

May I now see you again waving your tail at me?

I miss you!

I miss those fur like a blanket which can comfort me from cold….

I miss your cries when you’re hungry….

I miss those times you lift your hands and put it in my waist….

I miss those days you’re angry to your brother for hovering your food….

I miss those days you’re asking for rubbing your back….

Even those times you’re playing with me running back and forth….

And those times I surprised you….

I could see you’re happy for being fooled….

I could still recall your cute voice barking at us (me & my sister) asking for food….

You’re hungry, right? xD

I know you still remember that! :’)

Do you remember the time mom accidentally cut your neck a bit?

You did cried a little but never did a revenge….

Yeah, it hurts!

But the patience you’ve shown us is what I’m being proud of….

BRAVO! ;")

For the last time, I want to say THANK YOU for serving us right since young….

Thank you for understanding us….

Thank you for your kindness….

Thank you for your honesty….

Thank you for EVERYTHING YOU DID! ;’)


God will help you to overcome your fear and sickness upon death….