Habit for me is what I’m always doing whenever I got bored. For example, listening to Korean songs on my music player. It never been forgotten EVERYDAY! 🙂 At least, one songs is ENOUGH! 🙂 On the other hand, addiction for me is a thing which I can’t resist to have it. For example, eating delicious foods. But sometimes, due to unfortunate situation, my addiction is being lessen. So, I decided to stop it for my own good. 🙂 I’m also addicted to cellphones. 🙂 And not all the time. Already contented! 🙂

The longest uninterrupted period of time spending gaming online is when I’m all alone here at home. 🙂 However, since I’m growing up, I used to play mind games instead. 🙂 It took me 45 minutes for the longest time playing with it. 🙂 Just for fun and practice of a mind. 🙂