Sunny was teased by fellow SNSD members during the recording of MBC’s ‘Yoo
Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee’s Come To Play (commonly known as ‘Come To Play’)’.

Sunny revealed that due to her overflowing aegyo, she was often misunderstood. Hyoyeon said, “Sunny uses a lot of aegyo when she is talking to her parents. Her conversation over the telephone is just too cute and adorable”.
Upon hearing the compliments by Hyoyeon, other members agreed that Sunny talks to her parents with a really sweet voice. Sunny then said, “It’s really my mom. ‘Mom’ is not the secret code for my boyfriend”. Sunny was then asked to disclose her ‘secret’, much to the amusement of everyone in the studio.
The girls were moved to tears as they revealed stories about themselves and their parents, especially the hardships that their parents had to go through because of them. Make sure you laugh and cry together with Soshi on January 3rd at 11.15pm KST.

Source: mydaily.co.kr
Credit: Fanwonder
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– Wanna hear you speaking on the phone! xD Sunny, you’re the best!!! 🙂 Fighting! 🙂 Kaloka! xD