18. I want to know, are there any things that you miss a lot?
“My hometown, Gwangju, because since secondary school, I have been in Seoul to live as a trainee, I miss my family a lot, especially my younger sister. In my memory, there is only the image of her as a primary school student, and how she is now as an adult. While on the surface, I am the elder brother, in actually fact, there were more instances when I have received a lot of encouragement and strength from her, and for that, I feel apologetic towards her. I would like to meet up frequently with my sister, buy good food for her and bring her to places which are fun.”

Source: SYC

– Awww! :’) Sobrang natouch ako dito. :’) He really miss his younger sister. 😥 Sana naman kasi they could have enough time to bond. Dalawa na nga lang silang magkapatid, paghihiwalayin pa ng panahon at trabaho. 😦 Makauwi naman sana kahit paminsan-minsan Si Yunho para mabantayan niya ang paglaki ni Jihye. Pareho na silang matanda at looking forward to the future kaya it’s important to spend a quality tome together before time runs out. 🙂

Siguro naman right after your promotions, you’ll be able to visit her na. 🙂 You have enough time to spend pa pero you must hurry up cause you might regret one day na ikakasal na pala si Jihye without knowing about it. Kalungkot naman yun! 😦 Di na nga kayo nagkikita, ang bigat pa sa pakiramdam na you can’t be there for her. 😥 Kung nagkataon lang na ako ang kapatid mo, I’d rather spending those times, na kahit wala ka sa bahay, visiting you wherever you are. Eh sa miss nga kita! O.O Di ba? 🙂

Anuman yan, Yunho, you must be brave and not be sorry for being weak for your sister. Ang importante, you’re going back to her and your family. 🙂 Goodluck! 🙂