“People need to SHUT UP about reuniting TVXQ and keep comparing between the two. I thought Cassies all agree to support them no matter what??? Homin IS TVXQ, and sment has the right to that name, so don’t treat them like they’re not worthy to use the name. It’s a great song and great choreography, and if it lacks something, IT BCUZ U GUYS JUST WANT TO THINK THAT WAY! Honestly, I think it’s much much better than that Ayyy girl song, and it sounds so different compare to other Kpop music right now.
schizumichan24, if you know what you had said about between the two group’s songs, can you explain why you’re into TVXQ with HoMin only and considered yourself a Cassie??? O.O Can you elaborate your reactions so that we can know your side, dear? O.o I thought you’re one of us! 😥