Sooyoung revealed that she is feeling sorry for her parents for what they have to endure after she debuted as a singer.

On MBC’s ‘Come To Play’, which will be aired on January 3rd at 11.15pm KST, the girls talked about things they did that might have hurt their parents, in reply to the questions asked by the MCs.
Sooyoung said, “I feel sorry to them for the job i have chosen”. As artistes are popular figures, they often become hot topics among public. When people bad-mouthed about Sooyoung, it hurts her parents. Therefore, Sooyoung is feeling sorry towards her parents. She added, “Now, although I love doing this job that I have chosen, my parents do not like it”. Upon saying that, Sooyoung burst into tears.
This new year special broadcast features SNSD, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Yesung, Beast’s Kikwang and Yoseob as well as MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Mir. Do not forget to catch the girls’ smiles, laughters and tears as the ‘Filial Girls’ Generation’ will be unveiled. `지금은~효녀시대 (Romanized: Jigeumun~Hyoneoshidae/Translation: Right now~Filial Girls’ Generation)`

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– Sooyoung, everything will be fine. Just do your job responsibly. For sure, everyone will look after you afterall! 🙂 Fighting! 🙂