YG Entertainment’s fandom has been suffering internal troubles due to a fan division between Big Bang and 2NE1 fans.

Many Big Bang fans have recently been voicing their disappointment due to their belief that YG’s head man, Yang Hyun Suk, is “favoring 2NE1” over Big Bang. The internal conflict originated from when YG did not approve of and boycotted the selection process of the ‘Best Popular Song‘ award at the KBS ‘2010 Music Festival’ on December 30th, which resulted in GD&TOP being unable to perform on KBS2′s ‘Music Bank.’

On various community sites for Big Bang, fans have voiced out, “2NE1, a group that underwent the most active promotions last year out of YG artists, didn’t have the confidence to win the ‘Best Popular Song’ award, which is why they decided to not attend the show, no? This only resulted in G-Dragon and T.O.P being burdened by the resulting damages. Why does Yang Hyun Suk CEO only favor 2NE1?”

Yang Hyun Suk then wrote an entry on their official YGLIFE blog on December 30th, in what seemed to be a conscious reaction from this backlash. He stated, “The reason why YG decided to reduce broadcast schedules was for the consideration of the artists. 2NE1, for example, must wake up at 2 AM to prepare their hair and make up for their early morning broadcast rehearsal; if they have another schedule the day before, they would be going to the broadcasting building with barely any sleep.”

However, this statement only enflamed the Big Bang fandom. Fans have expressed, “You can take care of 2NE1 in whichever way you like, just let the Big Bang members have more broadcasting time,” and “Yang Hyun Suk has a tendency to only take care of artists who are doing well.”

The general viewpoint of these Big Bang fans is that, just like with the subsiding promotions of Se7en, Gummy, and 1TYM, Big Bang’s promotions has been pushed aside in favor of 2NE1’s.

Source: ALLKPOP & Sports Seoul

– For being a 1 year blackjack (and turning to two this coming April) and 4 years being VIP, I’ve never experienced hearing this kind of bias treatment (in case of 2ne1’s career) and a bit of maltreatment (in case of BigBang’s career). I thought it was always BigBang who has a good way of promotions rather than 2ne1 pero mali pala ako. O.O Ang daming nasabi ni Mr. YG dito pero iisa lamang ang lumalabas eh! >< Halatang may pinapanigan na ang lolo! O.O

4 years na akong fan ng YG family nang dahil sa BigBang. pero itong case na ito, never been in my consent/knowledge na mangyayari at nangyayari ito. T____T Iniisip ko na nga lang, maybe nagsasabi nga ng totoo si Mr. YG. However, doubtful ang statement nya. >_< Nevermind! Ang importante na lang siguro sa ngayon ay ang magandang samahan at patas na treatment between the CEO and its artists. 🙂 Pero sana marealize naman ng mga taga-YG na halatang mas importante pa sa kanila yung mga “simisikat” kesa sa “sikat na”. >_< Wag naman sana! T____T