What am I going to say?…
Hmmmm… Lack of words… >_<
But I’m so thankful for another bright days to begin.
However, bad things are getting too much attention on me!
How cold are you?
Deep inside your heart, I know you’re warm
You’re fooling yourself! >_<
Was that a reason why you have to?
Or is it someone’s controlling you?
Time is passing by immediately
You have to hurry up and say things honestly
Crying is not enough
Things are getting tough
But you can’t feel the true love you’re wanting for years!
Stop it now!
You’re not a kid anymore!
Think twice!
Otherwise, you will begin with nothing!
Love & friendship
Where the heck are you?
God is being with us always
But it’s you who gotten to be blame about!
Those times when I needed you,
You’re always be there
Then, when times getting too much affected
It’s me whom you neglected
Am I waiting for nothing?
Do you want me to cry a river again?
Wiping my tears alone
And no shoulder to lean on
What the heck I’ve done to you?
I just proved what a freedom is!
And all of a sudden, you’re afraid to stand by me. T_T
Now I know!
You’re scared to face the truth
And revealed what is in your heart….
Or is it, you don’t care at all?
I’ll be thankful if you say you can’t
Than you say you don’t…. CARE!
Want a breaking up for real?
Go ahead and be invisible!