>Cassies are busy defending their sides as well as TVXQ. No matter what, the right will win in the end. I am sorry to HoMin for not supporting them lately. I am in a deep sorrow for almost a year already. :((( Unfortunately, while I’m following what’s going on about the case, a certain artist from SM Entertainment added a worst deed on the situation. BoA retweeted Jaewon’s tweet. It’s a hot issue last night. But since it couldn’t be erased anymore, I almost lose my faith on her. :((( I called her “traitor” and “plastik”.Yeah, I did wrestback on her. >_< I hate her attitude and I promise that over my dead body! >____< She’s nothing compare to JYJ who has a good principle, right dignity and pure concern towards other. She may be the huge artist ever but she’s no longer possessing a good traits anymore no matter how her fans will defend her side. My heart was divided into two at the first place, thinking will I defend her or the JYJ. But I chose JYJ over her. Sorry, eonni, you did it all badly. :((( I can now say, I’m just your fan who will love your songs ONLY and NOT YOU AS A PERSON AND ARTIST. >___< Goodluck to your career ahead. May you learn a lesson for what you did last night. And congrats to your new Korean album.