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On January 2 at 4PM in the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium, SHINee held their first individual concert ‘SHINee World.’ At the press conference before the concert was held, SHINee expressed their deepest gratitude towards their seniors, TVXQ and SNSD, who have given them so much support.

The members expressed, “Yesterday (January 1), seniors TVXQ, SNSD, and Super Junior came to the venue to give us support, hoping that we would experience a great stage together with the fans. After the concert they pointed out areas of the performance that needed improvement. With the help from our seniors, it gives us even more strength to stand on the stage.”

One of the members, KEY, pointed out that, “As a previous featured guest for both TVXQ and SNSD’s concerts, I’ve always thought about how great it would be if we could hold a concert for ourselves. Our seniors encouraged us saying that we would definitely stand on that stage, so they let us earnestly observe them for future reference.”

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– That’s how humble Shinee is! 🙂 Please continue doing your best as those Shawols keep on supporting you all the way. Leave behind those heartaches and start a new life, dudes! 🙂



Actress Shin Se Kyung did not attend her boyfriend’s two-day concert, held on January 1st and 2nd.
Much attention has been put on her attendance, since it was revealed late last year that she was seeing SHINee’s JonghyunSM Entertainment eventually responded, “We’ve been informed that Shin Se Kyung will not be attending SHINee’s concert today (Jan.2).  She is filming for her movie, ‘Blue Salt‘, with Song Kang Ho.”

Meanwhile, SHINee managed to gather over 20,000 fans for their first concert since their debut two years and seven months ago. Jonghyun, who has a leg injury, had Chinese trainee Issing take his place during a portion of his performances.  Jonghyun greeted, “I’m glad to be able to spend the New Year with my fans.  It’s a great start this year.”

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– Why oh why naman, Se-Kyung??? O.O You can still attend Shinee’s concert lahit saglit lang or yung daanan mo lang sila. TT I am expecting pa man din at the first place seeing you at the audience watching Shinee’s perfromances. TT