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For me the best game that I had ever seen on TV was the fight of Manny Pacquiao. He brought us back again with a great award. Hoping he will do it one more time! 😉 I’m proud of being Filipino during his fight! ^^


I rather prefer living in a country which has a four seasons. (: It’s good to live in there so I could enjoy my life while having some fun! (:

At home, we used to decorate our home during the month of December and will be taken down on January the following year. 🙂

It might stressful for the adults but for the kids it’s somewhat relaxing! 🙂

Habit for me is what I’m always doing whenever I got bored. For example, listening to Korean songs on my music player. It never been forgotten EVERYDAY! 🙂 At least, one songs is ENOUGH! 🙂 On the other hand, addiction for me is a thing which I can’t resist to have it. For example, eating delicious foods. But sometimes, due to unfortunate situation, my addiction is being lessen. So, I decided to stop it for my own good. 🙂 I’m also addicted to cellphones. 🙂 And not all the time. Already contented! 🙂

The longest uninterrupted period of time spending gaming online is when I’m all alone here at home. 🙂 However, since I’m growing up, I used to play mind games instead. 🙂 It took me 45 minutes for the longest time playing with it. 🙂 Just for fun and practice of a mind. 🙂

The best book I’ve ever read was about PETS! 🙂 A certain book where I used to seek a help on how to handle PETS at home alone. It was kind of difficult to me handling these responsibilities alone while my family is busy doing their stuffs outside the house. Without this book, I can’t handle much pressures on pets. 🙂

My ex-bestfriends and friends are still on my friendster’s friend list. 🙂 But didn’t add them anymore on any social websites. 🙂 If they will add me in surprise, I will accept their friend requests. That’s a good manner anyway! 🙂

How i wish, I could spend a once in a lifetime winter holidays but it seems so impossible these days. TT~TT So far, we are experiencing cold winds and rainy days. It’s enough for us to feel the upcoming Christmas season. 🙂 May we all enjoy the season! ^^

I had a best childhood friend when i was in elementary. She used to sleep over in my house. She was a tall young girl and has a curly short hair. 🙂 We used to hang-out everytime we have an activities around the campus. So, people around us knows our friendship. But we got separated a couple of months before our graduation in elementary. She was gone without any notice given to us. Don;t know what’s going on her mind. Maybe she couldn’t take anymore the pressure she got from studying. TT~TT Well, as of now, I know she’s just somewhere else. Hopefully, she’s doing fine these days. 🙂

My favorite childhood meal was CHAMPORADO! ^^ I still love it and taste as good as before. 🙂 I miss those days I’m eating that meal. Though sometimes i eat oatmeal in replace of champorado cause I’m no longer a kid, NO FOOD COULD EVER REPLACE MY LOVE FOR CHAMPORADO! 🙂