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For You~

I know you’re tired now….

Go on and find peace wherever you’re heading for….

God is always be with us both….

I’m sorry for leaving you unattended….

I didn’t mean it….

Though I’m not asking for your forgiveness….

I know deep inside I’m already forgiven….

You’re the best!

No one could ever replace you….

I wish you more happiness right now….

No more heartaches….

No more pains….

No more catching breath….

No more headaches….

 But a WONDERFUL place in God’s hands….

Is where I want you to be….

For you, such a blessing to be a part of my world….

For me, you’re the big blessing I ever received….

May I now say THANK YOU for those times and years?

May I now hear you again saying I LOVE YOU in my dreams?

May I now see you again waving your tail at me?

I miss you!

I miss those fur like a blanket which can comfort me from cold….

I miss your cries when you’re hungry….

I miss those times you lift your hands and put it in my waist….

I miss those days you’re angry to your brother for hovering your food….

I miss those days you’re asking for rubbing your back….

Even those times you’re playing with me running back and forth….

And those times I surprised you….

I could see you’re happy for being fooled….

I could still recall your cute voice barking at us (me & my sister) asking for food….

You’re hungry, right? xD

I know you still remember that! :’)

Do you remember the time mom accidentally cut your neck a bit?

You did cried a little but never did a revenge….

Yeah, it hurts!

But the patience you’ve shown us is what I’m being proud of….

BRAVO! ;")

For the last time, I want to say THANK YOU for serving us right since young….

Thank you for understanding us….

Thank you for your kindness….

Thank you for your honesty….

Thank you for EVERYTHING YOU DID! ;’)


God will help you to overcome your fear and sickness upon death….



At 6pm, we (me & mom) both came home with more gifts items bought at SM MALL NAGA CITY. I’m so happy that I’ve got new bag again with color red on it. What I didn’t know, something depressing situation will soon to replace my happiness on my lips. I looked on our dog’s lil’ homes at the right side of our garden and I’ve found out TABA was waiting for me inside the house. I saw him lying in our floor catching his breath and has no strength anymore to greet me by at least by waving his tail in front of me. I greeted him but no replies at all. He just looked at me. But deep inside I was too weak also! TT~TT It really hurts me seeing him seems lifeless.

I went to my room and changed my clothes. But before that, I opened my newly bought Nail Acrylic for just 89php. I’m so excited to use it but my mind slowly turned into depress mode. Then, I went to our kitchen to eat something but my stomach doesn’t have the urge to be full. In short, my normal appetite starts to slow.

For me to forget my slow appetite, I watched MAMA. I saw Gummy’s performing onstage. She amazed me by her voice. She truly gifted. Yeah, world knows that! Right after her performance, I turned off our TV and went back to my room spending quality time with my cellphone while reading those messages. (How depress I am! TT~TT)

At 7.30pm, I tried to check online. I went to my Facebook, Twitter, here on Live Journal, and Tumblr. But none of those updates catch my attention. TT~TT So, I looked at ALLKPOP site to see what’s new. I read about PSY, MAMA, SNSD, and SUPER JUNIOR. I just noticed one picture and I saved it here in our laptop. Funny it seems but just temporary. After 30-45 minutes, I logged off.

At 9pm, me and my mom tries to feed TABA by forcing him to drink his dehydration medicine and a little of milk. What I could remember, TABA took his dehydration medicine only. He don’t want the rice and milk. TT~TT So, we left him resting on the floor afterwards.

Just a minute after we feed TABA, we took our dinner together. In this moment, I only ate few of pancit and one piece of a cooked banana. I’m not on a diet! It just my stomach and the situation made my appetite turned slow.

30 minutes after dinner, we tried to feed TABA again by his dehydration medicine. He drank his medicine while forcing him to do so. What we really don’t know, it was his last dinner in our home.

I washed our plates, cups and utensils. My mind is flying somewhere else. Different things came in. It was like a dream but my eyes are opened. Confusing! 😥 Then I thought, I am guilty for leaving him unattended these past few days. It’s my responsibility to take care of him from morning ’til my parents got home. I am the one who will feed him every noon ’til evening. On the morning, he use to eat only his dog food. Somehow before, he’s healthy and in a good condition. But expect the unexpected. 😥

At 10pm, I watched MISTERYO on QTV. It goes for 30 minutes. Just minutes before the show ended, I saw our TABA went to my place. I could still remember, he’s trying to walk 2-3 meters to reach me. Do you know a person who’s drunk walking in zigzag? He was like that! Then, he asked for some rubbing at his back and side. After, he sleep behind my feet still catching his breath. What I really can’t feel, he’s trying to convey that it was his last request to comfort him. 😥 But I ignored it. I thought he could still live by the next day. I just called his name in a low tone once.

November 29, 2010 (MONDAY)

Early morning, my mom heard a cries of a dog. It turned out it was TABA saying goodbye. TT~TT But I didn’t heard of it. I was in deep sleep because of depress.

At 9.30 am, I woke up and went to our kitchen to eat. Still, I can’t eat well. I only ate few of pancit again. TT~TT I talked to my mom. I asked her where is TABA. She said, he’s on a clinic. But I was confused. His medicines is no longer displayed. Then, it was the time I doubt her. I had a strong feeling, he had just left us (especially me) while I’m sleeping. TT~TT I keep on asking my mom but she’s still joking. Until, she confessed that TABA died while I’m sleeping early in the morning. It hurts me. I want to cry but I hold it. Slowly, I accept the truth. If he’s still alive and catching his breath, he will be getting tired of it. So, it’s better for him to rest now peacefully. I know he’s in God’s hands right now. I hope he’s ok and will guard me forever just like Bobby did.

November 30, 2010 (TUESDAY)

I’m still shock and in depress mode. Crying while I’m typing this. TT~TT But what it left me is I have now a phobia for not taking care of my dogs while they’re sick. Hoping for a good health to our 5 dogs left.

To Bobby and Taba, I hope you will still guide and guard me all the time. I know you’re still here beside me. Even if you can’t understand English and what I’m writing here, God will teach you to convey this message for you. :’) I love you and I miss you!

He’s Finally Back~! :”)

It’s been three days since he left us to recover from his illness. Tomorrow, he will be back to us with a good appetite. i miss him so much! :") And I want his lil’ cute tail to greet me. ;") Cause I miss those days he’s greeting me with a full smiles on his face + his lil’ cute tail which never get tired waving at me. ^^

God, help me in taking care of him ’til the day he’s weak and can no longer greets me. I’m so into his personality because of his sweetness and adorable attitude when barking. And most of all, his cute image. xD Thanks for your support and love to both of us. Hoping that he will never get sick soon~ FOREVER!!! :")

Life is sometimes unfair but a wonderful one, indeed! :")