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Music Video: HUG by DBSK


Alright! I would like to share some "point of view" regarding TVXQ split up.

First, I am a 4 years fan of TVXQ. Without BoA’s existence, I may not recognition these FIVE young man as a part of Hallyu wave. Or maybe, I’m still BoA’s fan up to this point. Anyway, this shocking revelation was the "worst" situation happened in my entire life. Why? All of a sudden, TVXQ will split up for a non-sense things done by the SME. I put my whole trust to SME to bring TVXQ higher than what they are since their last album released and bring their best worldwide. However, to my disappointment, SME didn’t reach my (or so I say, EVERYBODY’s) expectations. To avoid being affected, I leave the issue hanging aside and focus more on Mirotic release.

Second, the long life contract or so I say, the "slave" contract of these young man. I thought being a celebrity in Korea is as easy as here in the Philippines. But that wasn’t my expectation in the end. Yeah, it’s good to know that a particular artist will have that such a long contract to stay with the current company. Unfortunately, for the others, the point of view is BAD. Just like what SME did to JYJ. So, I lose my trust to ANY companies out there after knowing this issue will be a bad image for ALL companies especially in Korea. I know lots of entertainment companies there are still doing the slave contract though they aren’t that much talkative. It will only be publicized when a particular well know artists are suing them for an unfair treatments they did. Come on~ Let’s be all true to ourselves! Anyway, saying the truth will DECREASE your depress and stress inside.

Third, JYJ and HoMin. I can’t tell which among these two units is going to be my MAIN choice. Still, I support the both. 😉 Good thing, my heart isn’t that tired enough to stops supporting the artists which can lead to support other groups instead. 😉