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If I were given ONE MAGIC WISH to improve the world, I’d rather to have a strength of helping others through giving their basic needs. :))) If I haven’t got enough, giving them a financial needs would be better. It’s my dream ever since! So, I am hoping I could help those people in needs especially those Japanese people who are now a victims of earthquake and its aftershock.


I’d rather be a color RED for I want to blush all the time. :))) Then, my partner would be the same way as mine. ^^ RED symbolizing LOVE between the two persons who fell in love to each others. ^^

If I were asked to who’s my parents would be from any drama on TV, cinema or literature, I rather to choose IMORTAL’s LIA & MATTHEO. :)))

I rather have a romantic interest with TATSUYA FUJIWARA in my movie. ^^ hihi~ xDDD

Others may say they had regretted making love with their partners which is very very big mistake ever. But for me, I did fooled them. :)) IDK! I just want to play around. hihi~ xD I moved on after I realized that it was wrong. i thought all guys are playful so do I! :)))

I think it’s better to teach them about sex in school as long as in each level, kids will slowly learn about it. ^^

Yes, i remember him! :))) I was in elementary when we met. And all I could remember was the letter I gave him through the school’s gate. I can’t remember what I wrote inside but I know it’s a confession of my feelings for him. ^^