JYJ’s Junsu uploaded photos of his family spending time together on his Twitter.

On the morning of January 4th, Junsu showed his fans a picture of his twin brother and father along with the tweet, “My father and hyung are playing table tennis in the parking lot after taking out all of the cars.”
He tweeted another picture of his dog, stating, “Xiaky car, hahaha.”

Fans have been enjoying seeing pictures of the members’ day to day lives ever since they got their Twitter accounts, and left comments such as, “I want to play table tennis with Junsu’s family” and “The dog is so cute.”

Junsu is currently warming up the cold winter season with his role in the musical, “Tears of Heaven.”

Source: ALLKPOP Site

– Ngayon ko lang ito nakita. >_< Kagabi lang pala ito. Nakakaloka! Umuwi pala ng Korea si Junho. At hindi ko inaasahang despite of their busy lives and schedules, may time pa rin sila to bond together. Where’s Mrs. Kim? O.O