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What am I going to say?…
Hmmmm… Lack of words… >_<
But I’m so thankful for another bright days to begin.
However, bad things are getting too much attention on me!
How cold are you?
Deep inside your heart, I know you’re warm
You’re fooling yourself! >_<
Was that a reason why you have to?
Or is it someone’s controlling you?
Time is passing by immediately
You have to hurry up and say things honestly
Crying is not enough
Things are getting tough
But you can’t feel the true love you’re wanting for years!
Stop it now!
You’re not a kid anymore!
Think twice!
Otherwise, you will begin with nothing!
Love & friendship
Where the heck are you?
God is being with us always
But it’s you who gotten to be blame about!
Those times when I needed you,
You’re always be there
Then, when times getting too much affected
It’s me whom you neglected
Am I waiting for nothing?
Do you want me to cry a river again?
Wiping my tears alone
And no shoulder to lean on
What the heck I’ve done to you?
I just proved what a freedom is!
And all of a sudden, you’re afraid to stand by me. T_T
Now I know!
You’re scared to face the truth
And revealed what is in your heart….
Or is it, you don’t care at all?
I’ll be thankful if you say you can’t
Than you say you don’t…. CARE!
Want a breaking up for real?
Go ahead and be invisible!


JYJ Xiah Junsu’s recent series of ambiguous tweets have alarmed fans, as they may have been directed at TVXQ’s leader Yunho.

On December 6th, Xiah Junsu wrote on his Twitter, “Until now, I kept believing that it wasn’t true, I believed that (it) was the enemy of all five of us, but I guess it wasn’t really the enemy of all. To see that (they) expressed their gratitude to something I thought was both our enemies.. I guess a lot of things happened in the time we weren’t together. This is so tiring.”
He continued, “I keep wanting to think, hear, and see only good things, but it’s very hard to do that today. Even though we’ve been apart, you know that wasn’t right, hyung. We thought the same. Why are you being like this.”

In TVXQ’s ‘Thanks to’ section of their new album, Yunho expressed his gratitude towards SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man. Yunho also wrote, “Lastly~ You’ve been waiting a long time, right? Our Cassiopeia! I’m really really thankful that you waited for us to spring back. I heard this somewhere, but I heard it’s best to rest a bit before climbing a wider and taller mountain! Everyone~ Should we all hold each others’ hands tightly and climb up together? I’m so thankful, and thankful once more~ Lastly Changmin-ah~ You’d know even if I don’t say it, right? I love you! I get so much strength when you’re next to me. Should we show them how much we’ve grown? Okay! TVXQ’s second coming starts now!”

Additionally, Jaejoong was noted to have also changed his Twitter profile description to, “You keep your head up and keep an open mind”, and he tweeted, “I’m just hoping to be. I close my eyes, ears.” Many are speculating that these words were in reference to TVXQ’s comeback title track, “Keep Your Head Down.”

Source: Allkpop Site and Newsen

– Hindi ko man maintindihan lahat ng mga iringan between the boys, iisa lang ang tanging sinisigaw ng pulang dugo ko sa puso ko… NO MATTER WHAT’S HAPPENING, YOU’RE STILL TVXQ! THE ONLY BOY BAND TO WHOM I’VE GOT A LOT OF STRENGTH BELIEVING ABOUT THE MUSIC AND IT’S SIGNIFICANCE IN MY LIFE. :”) That’s all! 🙂


A writer for MBC’s variety program, “Radio Star“, has become entangled in a controversy with JYJ fans over a series of tweets she wrote on her personal Twitter account.

She wrote, “Honestly, you guys really need to fail.  That’s the only way the world can continue revolving around promises and loyalty.  Your excuse stating, ‘They did not treat us like human beings,’ is only because you guys weren’t humans to begin with.  Don’t act like you’re the victim, sociopathsI hate you guys so much, I can’t even sleep!  This is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen someone as disgusting as you guys.

Netizens immediately criticized her tweets by leaving comments such as, “As a variety program writer, she should not be speaking as if she knows everything that is going on with the members.  No matter how personal her thoughts are, it’s shared in a public environment online, and it’s extremely embarrassing to the JYJ members,” and “She also previously wrote, ‘I feel like throwing up, I feel disgusted even reading your lyrics.  I’m miserable, my parents are watching the drama I hate the most (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), and I can’t even change the channel.  It’s not like they know my anger.‘”
Livid fans flocked to the “Radio Star” message board and scolded the writer furiously, which led to a formal apology. “I’d like to apologize.  It’s public, but I didn’t think that so many people would read my tweets.  I really am pathetic.  Since it was just a pathetic instance from a pathetic person, please be generous with your understanding. Since it’s the New Year now, let’s put this in the past.  Have a Happy New Year.”

She has since deactivated her Twitter account.


The trio of JYJ recently participated in a revealing interview with TV Report, as they discussed their achievements, the possibility of regrouping as TVXQ, and their past girlfriends.

The clout of the trio is unarguable, as they’ve scored numerous achievements in their short career as ‘JYJ’. For example, they received 520,000 pre-orders for their first album, “The Beginning,” and completed a world tour. The trio even ranked in the top five for Billboard’s “2010 Albums of the Year” chart, in addition to having their article featured on the site’s main page.

We’ve had a lot of promotions in 2010, but because they weren’t shown on broadcast programs or main portals, the public seems to be misunderstanding us.  We really did spend a busy year, and although we had individual activities, we’ve also had an Asian tour and a U.S. showcase.  There is a bit of disappointment in not being able to promote on broadcast shows.  Being featured on Billboard, ranking in on the top five, and even working with top American producers… all of that didn’t create headlines.  It’s disappointing that they’ve been recorded as just personal achievements by us,” they stated.

Regarding their relationship with TVXQ, they stated, “We have tried contacting Yunho and Changmin, but we weren’t able to reach them.  Everyone has their own personal agendas to tend to.  We’re not just any old relationship that was together for a year or two.  There aren’t any misunderstandings towards the two.  Even though we’re apart, we trust that they know our genuine honesty.”
They continued, “We’ve already saw it a few times in other interviews, but we really do wish that they do well and show amazing sides of themselves.  There is something upsetting about them coming out under the name of TVXQ, since we’re TVXQ too.

On the topic of their lawsuit against SM Entertainment, the three further added, “We’re handling everything as best as we can since they’re all things we expected once we decided to leave SM.  It’s difficult, but we’re trusting it to resolve itself and thinking positively.”

When asked about the possibility of regrouping as five members again, they replied, “Our situation might look cloudy right now, but we know that that day will come one day. It’s not like we’ve only been together for a year or two, we’ve been there for each other at our hardest, most difficult, and most passionate, all striving for one goal.  We dreamed the same dreams under the same sky, so that door of possibility will always remain open.

The reporter then asked if they felt any disappointment in disbanding when they were at the height of their success as five members in Japan. JYJ answered, “We didn’t think about the commercial benefits at the time.  It was just upsetting that we felt the need to break away when we were at the height of our fame (Tokyo Dome Concert)… We made the decision knowing that we might never be able to sing again, so instead of saying ‘disappointing’, I think ‘upsetting’ is a better term.”

They continued, “When we first began in Japan, we weren’t able to promote on broadcast programs in Tokyo, so we had to get our name known through broadcast programs in the suburbs.  But now, seeing our juniors achieve success in Japan makes us think that it’s an amazing feat for them to be able to earn attention from major Japanese labels so early on in their careers.  BoA gave us hope for our Japanese advancement and paved that road.  I think we’d be proud if we were able to allow our juniors to advance into Japan in a better environment.

TVXQ expressed feeling that their efforts were worth it, judging by the support they’ve received from their fans. “Through our world tour, it felt great being able to meet fans from Europe and South America.  It felt as if we were able to show off our music to a variety of people.  Especially at our New York concert, 7,000 fans rushed into a garden originally meant for 3,000 people, which led police to come out to the scene.  It felt good.”

The direction of the interview was then changed to another topic of hot interest: girls.  When asked about their most painful dating experience, the three responded, “As opposed to most painful… As you know, we’ve never just stayed in Korea. We had a busy schedule that required us to travel between Korea and Japan.  All three of us have such passion for music, so our girlfriends could never last.
They continued, “Things other boyfriends could do like remembering anniversaries and going on weekend dates were unrealistic for us.  Our girlfriends thought we weren’t paying attention to their needs and would feel disappointed.  Honestly, it’s hard for us to keep any long-term relationship since it would get difficult even before the relationship starts.”

Concluding the interview, JYJ were asked what their goals for the new year were.  “Our goal is to work hard on our JYJ worldwide album promotion in the U.S. and to show off an amazing world tour starting March.  We also hope that our music essay being released this month earns a lot of love.  Since 2011 is the year of the rabbit, we’re looking forward to catching both ‘rabbits’ and spending more time with our fans on stage.”

Source: TV Daily & Allkpop Site


Perez Hilton, popular blogger in the American entertainment world, prases TVXQ new album title song “WHY” (Keep Your Head Down) MV.

On the 3rd after TVXQ new MV has been revealed, Perez Hilton on his self managed blog “” posted TVXQ MV, and provided positive comments.
Using “K-Pop Fierceness!!!” as the title, and wrote under the video “Check out the brand new music video from TVXQ (above)! Too hot to handle!!!!”

Visitors of the blog left comments such as “that was better than most american music videos!!!””one of the best 4:46 minutes of my life!”. In addition, Perez Hilton’s blog was placed 34th in Billboard magazine as the best way to promote music around the world.

source: newsen
credit: baidutvxq+perezhilton
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– Galing ninyo, mga pare! :”) Pati ba naman ang isang well-known blogger ay recognized na kayo! ^^ Eh sa ganda naman kasi ng kanta niyo, sinong hindi tatamaan, right??? :”)


I just saw this awhile ago. Really shocks me while I’m editing the pages of this account of mine. And what was he holding???? O.O Was that a big knife??? O.O Are you killing somebody??? O.O OmO! O.O So afraid! *hide behind Zuno’s back and peek a bit* Alright! Whatever!!! >_< He’s handsome and H-O-T here! :”)


18. I want to know, are there any things that you miss a lot?
“My hometown, Gwangju, because since secondary school, I have been in Seoul to live as a trainee, I miss my family a lot, especially my younger sister. In my memory, there is only the image of her as a primary school student, and how she is now as an adult. While on the surface, I am the elder brother, in actually fact, there were more instances when I have received a lot of encouragement and strength from her, and for that, I feel apologetic towards her. I would like to meet up frequently with my sister, buy good food for her and bring her to places which are fun.”

Source: SYC

– Awww! :’) Sobrang natouch ako dito. :’) He really miss his younger sister. 😥 Sana naman kasi they could have enough time to bond. Dalawa na nga lang silang magkapatid, paghihiwalayin pa ng panahon at trabaho. 😦 Makauwi naman sana kahit paminsan-minsan Si Yunho para mabantayan niya ang paglaki ni Jihye. Pareho na silang matanda at looking forward to the future kaya it’s important to spend a quality tome together before time runs out. 🙂

Siguro naman right after your promotions, you’ll be able to visit her na. 🙂 You have enough time to spend pa pero you must hurry up cause you might regret one day na ikakasal na pala si Jihye without knowing about it. Kalungkot naman yun! 😦 Di na nga kayo nagkikita, ang bigat pa sa pakiramdam na you can’t be there for her. 😥 Kung nagkataon lang na ako ang kapatid mo, I’d rather spending those times, na kahit wala ka sa bahay, visiting you wherever you are. Eh sa miss nga kita! O.O Di ba? 🙂

Anuman yan, Yunho, you must be brave and not be sorry for being weak for your sister. Ang importante, you’re going back to her and your family. 🙂 Goodluck! 🙂


Yesterday, TVXQ released full audio of their new single, “Keep Your Head Down“, but after being teased for days on end, fans were eagerly waiting for the release of the music video.

Well guys, now your wait is over, as just moments ago the full music video was revealed!

Check it out below!


– Watch this Music Video of “Wae” or “Why” by HoMin right now. See it for yourself! 🙂


TVXQ’s lyrics for their comeback track, “Keep Your Head Down,” has been the topic of hot debate amongst fans lately, with many speculating that it’s an indirect message for JYJ.

The lyrics, I’ll erase everything of you inside of me and set out for a brighter future.  Someday, you’ll realize just how genuine the love you threw away was,” are at the center of the debate, and many have been connecting it to JYJ, who is currently under dispute with SM Entertainment.
SM Entertainment responded to the speculations on the morning of January 3rd. The company stated, First of all, please listen to TVXQ’s improved skills in their song before you make a judgment. The song is an expression of love and heartbreak between two lovers.”

Keep Your Head Down
Keep your head down U-Know time (Max)
You know what time it is?
This is return of the king
(Everything has ended) I didn’t even start yet
(We broke up) I haven’t even heard the reason yet
Everyone around me keeps asking me why I’m like this
Why are you like that, why are you like that? I’m already the bad guy
(If it’s a sin) If loving you was a sin
(If that was a shin) If being genuine is a sin
(I’ll keep it low, I’ll keep it low) I’ll hold it in and stand my ground
(Keep your head down)
You look pretty, but inside you’re so different, that’s what I’m afraid of
(Keep your head down)
I said I loved you but I’ll let you go
(Why?) Did you leave me so easily
(Why?) Did I look easy to you?
(Why?) My heart is ripping to shreds
(Why?) If every moment was a dream
(Why?) If only I had the time to set it right
(Why?) I prayed for your happiness
I was always satisfied with having you
I was happy to dream the same dream as you no matter what they said
I had to let you go, but I’m just walking my path anyway
Now I’m just chillin’, Feel like I’m healing
It’s too late, you said you can’t come back
You’ve always believed that I’d crumble without you
That’s a misunderstanding, why would I do that? why, why, I told you I wouldn’t
(Hey) I was really, really sad, because you were so immature
and I was afraid you’d meet someone bad (Why? baby)
(Keep your head down)
You’re really pretty, but that’s all there is to you, there’s nothing important inside of you
(Keep your head down)
A nail is driven into the heart that is holding in the pain of love
Ha~ Don’t play with people like that
In front of me, all you do is speak of lies
You’re such a two-faced person
(Why why why) Since when did our crystal-like feelings become so opaque?
Our love has ended, I’ve let you go, and now my heart is empty
But my future is gesturing towards me to get up and smile
I’m letting you go, live happily (why why why)
One day far from now, far from now, I want to just smile comfortable
(Why?) Why
(Why?) You let go of our love so easily
(Why?) Did you ever think that someone would get worried?
(Why?) I don’t think you know yet
(Why?) Exactly just what you let go of
(Why?) Just remain there and watch me grow
(Keep your head down)
Erased, disappeared, you’ve burned to death in my heart
(Keep your head down)
Erased, disappeared, you’ve died in my heart and you no longer exist

Source + Photos: Star News via Daum

– This can be a love song or for JYJ. That’s it! But we should not judge first this song. Let’s just be happy for their return onstage and give them more support just like what we did to JYJ as well. 🙂